SKINCARE ROUTINE: What Karee is Doing During the Colder Months

SKINCARE ROUTINE: What Karee is Doing During the Colder Months

Karee Hays

Looking to freshen up your skincare routine for the winter? We can help you with that! Here are a few products to add into your routine that will make such a noticeable difference in how your skin looks and feels during these colder months of the year.

A good cleanser is so important to have in your daily routine. You want it to be a gentle cleanser, not one that will strip your skin. KH Hydra Cleanse or Cetaphil's Gentle Skin Cleasner, will soothe and moisturize while cleansing the makeup and dirt from the day. These are both great products to use to shave your face as well! They are creamy enough to help the razor glide and leave your skin extra smooth. Shop our KH Signature Razors and add shaving into your routine this year! After cleansing and shaving, keep skin damp or even spray with Avene Water  - we always want to apply products to damp skin to really lock in the moisture. Start with KH Sheer Peptide Gel or Augustinus Bader Facial Oil for the perfect base layer. It’s also one of Karee’s favorite skincare cocktails! Mix a drop of each in the palm of your hand and apply onto your neck and up! It will drive all of the following products to deeper layers of the skin for the ultimate hydration. These two are some of our most popular products and will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s so important to wear an SPF every day, so follow up with KH Sunshade Complete or Color Science Flex SPF. Both are great for everyday use and as a primer for makeup.

If you aren’t already, a retinol is so important to use at night to tighten and tone the skin, while stimulating cellular turnover and collagen production. Revision Retinol Complete is a great product to introduce into your routine, just make sure you start out with a lower dose if you’ve never used a retinol before. During the winter Karee will alternate between Revision’s DEJ Night cream and KH Renew 50 Cream. The DEJ Boosting Serum is also one of Karee’s favorites for night - it’s amazing for hydration and targeting fine lines and wrinkles. For some extra glow Karee loves to do a CO2 Mask for an even more luminous glow and plumping effect! For a thick, luxurious moisturizer apply KH Creme Riche for a more intense hydration! 

Are any of these products in your skincare routine? Which is your favorite? Let us know what you are using and if you have any skin goals for 2023!